DJ DopeKiti引爆你的週末派對

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五月 2, 2016
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準備來點不一樣的HALO Weekend 5/20 Halo Taipei Present DJ DopeKiti讓這位充滿活力熱情的女力DJ引爆你的週末派對

About DJ DopeKiti
We’ve all experienced it at one time or another – an uncontrollable love, a mad obsession, or, in this case, a hard-core addiction. dopeKITI is quickly becoming a sensation the world cant quit. With her wide-range style, she’s capable of keeping the existential vibes alive in House and Techno rooms or just as easily, supply a pulse pumping Edm session. Either way, it only takes one hit of this dopeKITI and you’re hooked.

She’s a music junkie and it shows. Having Opened for acts such as FABOLOUS, A&G, EC Twins, Manufactured Superstars, Matt Darey and DJ BORIS, she’s consistently proving her diversity.

“I want see places and experience faces that I might not otherwise have the chance to. I can’t do that staying inside the lines. Humanity is diverse; so my music must be.”

Stimulating dance floors at some of the most prestigious nightclubs in Dallas, including Levu Discotheque (#13 nightclub in the US’ Top 100); she’s ready take her talents across the Pacific. With appearances in Taipei, Beijing and Japan and the Philippines, she’ll be Dealing her new fans only the Finest Beats.

No doubt crowds everywhere will phene for more, but the only Rehab these addicts will need is more dopeKITI.


2016.05.20 Friday 22:30 pm – 04:00 am



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