台北最具指標性的英式酒吧,由英國專業吧檯學校技術指導,以獨特的新鮮水果歐陸調酒著名。時尚舒適的空間感全新亮相,打破以往封閉式的格局設計,朔造最新全方位穿透性空間感,室內以吧檯區延伸出來的L型長吧,隨時供應最具創意的歐陸風調酒,絲絨緞面的沙發面料與香檳金色的霧面座椅,創造出成熟的奢華感。並引入戶外風格,折射營造出立體的視覺效果。戶外Patio的空間採用穿透復古概念,營造出獨樹一幟的戶外風格。三盞sky garden吊燈,復古工業風沙發座位,並結合歐美最新落地穿透拉整片鏡面的伸展拉門,反射延伸出空間的流暢與時尚。加上與歐美同步流行的前衛音樂品味,讓Barcode成為城內名流新貴的派對重要據點。

Barcode is a sophisticated and elegant lounge bar situated in the Neo 19 building which lies in the heart of the bustling Xinyi district’s nightlife area.The bar is renowned for its exquisite decor and the trendy jetset stepping out here every week. The vibe is upmarket but relaxed, and the perfect venue for pre-drinks before you hit one of the multitude of booming clubs in the area.

Most often than not though, you’ll probably get stuck in at Barcode, either at the pool table, bar counter or the relaxing outdoor patio Sky Garden littered with ample comfortable couches and seating. It’s the perfect place for a first date or just to unwind from the busy week with friends.Coupled with a brisk drink service (hard to find in this district where clubs often neglect the personal touch) and an eclectic array of intoxicating cocktails, there is no reason to really leave. The slick bartenders can make any liquid dream you have come true.

For those well-connected and well-heeled, the private closed-off VIP member’s only room inside Barcode called The Den offers an intimate experience with breathtaking views over the city and a more dedicated service.Barcode’s demographics mostly range from age 25 and up. It’s a place to see people and be seen, yet you can dress down or dress up, whatever your fancy. Depending on the door policy on the night, what you spend and whether you come early enough, there’s also a decent chance you’ll get a free entry into sister club Room18 right next door.



週一-週四 21:30 pm – 2:00 am
週五-週六 21:30 pm – 3:00 am
週日 21:30 pm – 2:00 am


BARCODE Taipei +886-920-168-269


5F., No. 22, SongShou Rd., Taipei, Taiwan



+886 919-953-612

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